Ireland's First Vehicle Modifier to have the new Citroen E-Berligno

The all new Citroën Ë-Bërlingo Feel

One of Ireland's first Citroën Ë-Bërlingo's! The relationship that we have built up with Citroën over the years allows us to be in a position to acquire these vehicles before anyone else.

Ireland's number one electric vehicle converter​​​​​​.

New Citroën ë-Berlingo 100% ëlectric and Citroën Berlingo open the way for you to choose the engine that best suits your lifestyle. Whichever powertrain you opt for, each vehicle offers satisfying levels of interior space, modularity, comfort and practicality.

In addition to the driving pleasure of 100% electric mode, New Citroën ë-Berlingo has zero CO2 emissions at tailpipe, which means you can drive in low emission zones. It also has substantially reduced running costs, and with a battery range of 280KM (WLTP test cycle, range dependent on use and driving style), it genuinely provides freedom of movement

With New Citroën ë-Berlingo 100% ëlectric, every journey becomes a serene, relaxing experience for everyone on board. On-demand torque ensures smooth acceleration, with no sudden jolts or vibrations whilst driving. The electric motor provides a power output of 100kW (the equivalent of 136 hp) at speeds up to 130km/h.

Three driving modes are available to suit the situation: ‘Eco’ optimises energy consumption by limiting torque and power. ‘Normal’ provides the best compromise between range and dynamic performance. Finally, ‘Power’ helps maintain the vehicle’s performance when fully loaded.

An e? -Toggle switch on the centre console selects the Drive, Neutral & Reverse gearbox functions.

In addition, regenerative braking technology is used to collect energy produced during braking or deceleration, further extending the range of the battery.



New Citro e?n e? -Berlingo 100% e? lectric has been designed with a singular priority: to make everyday use easy. Instruments continuously display battery charge status and show the power consumption of on-board electrical equipment such as the heating and air conditioning.

An 8” touchscreen also provides a range of information including an ‘‘Energy’’ section which groups together all of the information dedicated to the special electrical features of New Citroën ë-Berlingo: energy flows, battery charge level, your consumption statistics and details of deferred charging.

There are a number of flexible charging options for your New Citroën e? -Berlingo 100% e? lectric. Charging via a Wallbox or a Rapid Charging terminal are amongst the most rapid.

A Wallbox can be installed at your home or workplace. A full charge takes approximately 7.5 hours using a 7.4kW charge point, or 5 hours using a 11kW charge point (with optional 11 kW On Board Charger).

A 100 kW rated Rapid (DC) Charger, commonly found at a service station, can deliver an 80% charge in approximately 30 minutes.* (Cables for these chargers are tethered to the charge point).

Whilst it is possible to charge your New e? -Berlingo 100% e? lectric via a domestic power supply, it only offers a limited speed, with a full charge taking between 24 and 28 hours. Because of this, Citroën Ireland does not recommend this as a regular method of charging. It is possible to purchase a domestic charging cable as an accessory from your local Citro e?n retailer for occasional charging from a 3-pin socket